Концерт Саша Пак «posidelki» под открытым небом в Мельбурне

2 февраля, суббота,  17:00-20:00

Birrarung Marr, Melbourne

“Posidelki” (or «посиделки») is a Russian term for a small informal gathering

Девчонки и мальчишки, а также их родители!

Following a successful event in Sydney, I’ll be brining the open air concert format to Melbourne.

Look forward to seeing you all there. Please help spread the word by sharing the event with you friends and family who may be interested.

😇 👼🏼 😇 👼🏼 😇 👼🏼 😇 👼🏼
If you can help with the following, you’ll be an absolute star:
— first and foremost coming and bringing your friends and loved ones
— professional photo & video shooting
— amateur photo & video (live streaming on Facebook and Instagram)
— directing people in case there are any unforeseen changes in the schedule or place

📧 🎟 📧 🎟 📧 🎟 📧 🎟
I will be grateful for your donations at the end of the concert — whatever you feel like giving. Even if you’re financially constrained, still come and bring your smiles, good mood and open hearts for us all to enjoy it together

‼️Ticket link will take you to the Telegram channel that will he used for announcements.‼️


Стоимость:  вознаграждения приветствуются после концерта

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