Dementia Awareness Community Engagement

Dementia describes a range of symptoms of deteriorating brain and cognitive function experienced with age. Many in our community face disadvantage with confronting the onset of dementia and in accessing services. For this reason, through community engagement, we build dementia awareness capacity in the Russian community utilising a range of means. In general, this involves public education, building awareness, training and help in accessing services to fill existing “gaps” in order to raise the level of dementia awareness.

Ways in which we increase dementia awareness in the Russian community include:

  • Provision of public information on the nature of dementia and how it manifests
  • Translation and publication of dementia information into Russian
  • Provision of dementia-related information on e-Vestnik newsletter
  • Provision of dementia-related information via website and social media
  • Information on dementia awareness via community radio SBS Russian and 3ZZZ
  • Training provision via online means to RERC staff and volunteers
  • Dementia awareness in collaboration with other parts of RERC: CHSP, CVS and Palliative Care 

While we recognise limitations to the dementia services that we are able to provide, through effective community engagement, we believe that we are able to make a significant impact on dementia awareness in the Russian community. With good knowledge before dementia and by effective treatment and access to services upon dementia onset, Russians’ quality of life can be improved as they face the later years of their lives.

Learn more about dementia by clicking on these help sheets that were developed by Dementia Australia. Those help sheets are available in Russian and English Languages.

  1. About Dementia: What is Dementia?  click here to download 
  2. About Dementia: Diagnosing Dementia click here to download
  3. About Dementia: Early Planning click here to download 
  4. Changed Behaviours and Dementia: Changed Behaviours  click here to download 
  5. Looking after Families and Carers: Taking a Break  click here to download 
  6. Caring for Someone with Dementia: Communication click here to download