Melbourne Russian Festival 2019


Do-bro po-zha-lo-vat’ or Welcome to the annual Melbourne Russian Festival, a celebration of all the richness and diversity of the Russian culture. The unique feature of this year’s Festival is that it is preceding Maslenitsa or Pancake Week. You will get a chance to try delicious pancakes, to participate in the traditional circle dance called Horovod and to see a beautiful straw figure of the Lady Maslenitsa, a well-known symbol of the Maslenitsa celebration. On the day the Cathedral will open its door to the public, and guests are welcomed to step inside and enjoy the Cathedral’s awe-inspiring interior.

Things to do:

Live performance

The festival comes to life at 10 am when the performances kick off on the central stage. The stage will be filled with cheerful music and stunning performances that will make you want to dance. So, don’t be shy, you are welcome to join the dancers and learn some traditional steps.


To heighten your experience and plunge right into the heart of the Russian culture, we encourage you to take part in one of our amazing masterclasses, featuring some of the well-known traditional folk crafts, many of which are centuries old and cannot be found elsewhere. 

Beer Garden and Food stalls

We invite everyone to get together, have a glass of beer and enjoy authentic delicacies. Russian cuisine has its own unique character thanks to the vast and multi-ethnic expanse of Russia. Take your time and be ready for a delicious journey through the Russian food heritage.

Art and Craft fair

Visit our Art and Craft section to have a look and buy some of the iconic souvenirs, including famous Russian wooden doll known as Matreshka, or hand-made Russian jewellery.

Children’s Village

Our Children Village will offer lots of fun activities for kids of all ages, including animal farm, face painting, games and entertainments. Come along and bring your kids for unforgettable experience.

Our program is being updated, please visit for more information,