Family Violence Awareness

While most Russians happily settle into the community, the process of integration presents particular challenges. One of these is family violence. The Russian community is impacted by this, and in many situations, dealing with it is complicated by cultural factors that may lead to particular cases of family violence. Due to language and other barriers, victims are often unable to speak up and seek help.

To this end, through community development, RERC raises awareness of family violence in the Russian community and helps it faces some of the unique challenges that its members face:

  • Awareness campaigns of family violence in the Russian community
  • Educational seminars on issues related to family violence
  • Knowledge exchange and expertise between member organisations
  • Translation and production of information for victims can seek help
  • Production and distribution of support material in Russian
  • Public awareness of family violence through social and other media such as SBS Russian and Radio 3ZZZ

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to provide specific services for Russian victims of family violence. However, by taking a whole of community approach we believe that we can make a change to the scourge as it manifests in the Russian community in Victoria.