Welcome to the Russian Ethnic Representative Council of Victoria!

Throughout our long history, our organisation has grown and changed but we have stayed true to the foundations that our Company was built on. We operate under the same vision, mission and values which have been critical to our success and achievements to date.

Vision Statement

Strong and supportive community that enables each and every individual to flourish, retain their heritage and cultural values, and contribute to the overall success of Australian society.

Mission Statement

To enrich lives, enhance wellness and improve independence of people in our community through promotion of cultural diversity, collective sense of belonging, and quality services.

Our Values


We are proud of our culture, people and heritage.


We value cultural diversity and respect individual life experiences.


Our community and its people are at the heart of everything we do. We care, help and bring joy to our people’s lives.


We are accountable for what we do and committed to engaging professionally and conducting our operations in an honest, transparent and ethical way.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We unite Russians and Russian community organisations in Victoria.
  • We help to preserve and pass onto younger generations our language and our rich and unique culture.
  • We listen, acknowledge and respond to the needs of our community.
  • We promote a positive image of the Russian community and Russian heritage in the wider Australian society.
  • We assist the elderly, the disadvantaged and other vulnerable people in our community and ensure that the services we provide are of high quality.
  • We remain committed to access & equity principles within a social justice framework.
  • We help migrants better integrate in the Australian community.
  • We facilitate access to government grants and funding initiatives for Russian community organisations and groups.
  • We foster and maintain fruitful relationships with ethnic community organisations and other stakeholders.