Gambling Awareness

The challenge we face

Based on recent research, two-thirds or 69% of adult Victorians participated in some form of gambling.

During this time, the top five most popular forms of gambling were:

  1. Lottery tickets: 44%
  2. Raffle tickets: 37%
  3. Horse racing Melbourne Cup, Spring Racing: 19.8%
  4. Pokies: 14%
  5. Scratch Tickets 11.2%

Why the gambling harm prevention is important

  • Relationship harm is the most common type of harm from gambling. It is a quarter of all gambling harm experienced by Victorians.
  • Relationship harm includes neglect of responsibilities, conflict, threats to end a relationship and the actual ending of a relationship.
  • Health problems account for one-fifth of gambling harm in Victoria. They include stress, reduced sleep due to worry, depression and anxiety disorders.
  • Emotional or psychological distress accounts for 18.6 per cent of gambling harm in Victoria.
  • Financial problems account for 15.6 per cent of gambling harm in Victoria.
  • The three main types of criminal activity connected with gambling harm are crimes of negligence such as child neglect (for example, leaving children unattended in venue car parks), crimes such as drug trafficking or prostitution to repay debts, and crimes of opportunity such as theft and fraud to fund gambling.

Tips on money management

  • See a financial counsellor, or a therapist at SSI
  • Talk to a trusted friend
  • Develop a monthly payment plan for repaying debt
  • Set a budget
  • Lower the limit on your bank cards, and try to only carry around cash for your daily expenses at any given time
  • Consider altering your travel arrangements: if you regularly drive past the casino on your way home, consider an alternate route
  • Seek support for dealing with creditors (Community Legal Centres)
  • Pay bills by direct debit or cheque on the day you are paid or if possible, arrange for your payroll to make important payments like rent or mortgage.
  • If dealing with other people’s money tempts you, avoid jobs where you handle cash.
  • Avoid keeping large sums of money in the house.
  • Consider paying some bills in advance or make regular payments towards water, gas and electricity bills.
  • Consider something you would really enjoy and regularly put money away for it.
  • 60% of Gambler’s Help clients report an improvement in their financial situation after financial counselling.

Alternative activities to gambling

  • Physical activity: walking, the gym, team sports
  • Spend time with family and friends who do not gamble
  • Meditation/spiritual guidance
  • Gardening
  • Listen to music or do something creative: music, painting, drawing, mindful colouring
  • Participate in a group activity: go to a concert, festivals see a movie etc.
  • Dining out with friends

For free, confidential support, call the MGHPS hotline on: 1800 329 192

Or email at:

For more information you can visit  website here 

Read a digital flyer on the program in English here

Read a digital flyer on the program in Russian Игромания






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